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    Our company

    Conconcreto and Century Homebuilders Group, two leading companies in the real estate industry, join their experience and track record to create Century Asset Management.





    Century Asset Management is an investment firm backed by over 30 years of experience in the South Florida real estate market with over 60 years in the construction business, comprising projects valued at USD $6,5B and more than 50,000 family units built.

    Our firm structures and manages real estate investment opportunities with the purpose of developing construction projects in urban areas in the South Florida market. We participate in the design, planning, construction, operation, and sale of these projects.

    Investment strategy

    Our experience and solid track record in the real estate development industry give us a competitive edge in the investment market.

    Our edge includes a deep knowledge of the design, construction, and operation of assets in the United States and Latin American markets. Moreover, we have established professional relationships with strategic stakeholders in the financial, building and government sectors which are key in the process of developing real estate projects in the US market.


    Our integration

    • Highly experienced in-house team focused on profitability and long-term asset management.
    • Due diligence execution and paperwork filing before public and private stakeholders.

    • Efficiency gains in productivity, time, and costs as a result of the integration of design, construction and asset maintenance all under a single contractor.
    • Coordination with the operation team from design stage to final construction.

    • Operational expenses optimization using the latest technology.
    • Marketing strategy development based on the competition landscape and market conditions to increase operational income.

    • Strategic partnerships with brokers and operators for ongoing market insights and point of exit analysis.
    • Value generation in the process of asset-updating and stabilization for refinancing or liquidation.

    Our team

    Sergio Pino
    Managing Partner

    Founder and CEO of Century Partners Group LLC, a company created in 1995 focused on real estate investment and the acquisition, development, construction, and management of real estate assets both commercial and residential in South Florida.

    Juan Luis Aristizábal
    Managing Partner

    CEO of Conconcreto for over 20 years, a leading firm in the construction and project development industry with business for USD$2,5B in Colombia, Panama, and the United States. Its business includes industry partnerships to develop large infrastructure, housing, architecture and engineering projects as well as asset management.

    Nicolás Jaramillo
    Managing Director

    Business VP at Conconcreto with over 15 years of experience in the structuring, management, and operation of large real estate investment. Former CEO at Pactia from 2015 to 2020 with USD $1,2B under management comprised of 845,000 m 2 of leasable area in Colombia, Panama, and United States.

    Juan Sebastian Betancur
    Managing Director

    Managing Director at Century Asset Management. Civil Engineer with a Master’s in Financial Administration with more than 9 years of experience in development and construction of real estate projects in Colombia and the United States.

    Support team

    Candelaria Rodríguez
    General Counsel
    Maureen Sotomayor
    Director of Fund Accounting
    Eliana Roa
    Administrative Director
    Matthew Wilkinson
    Financial Analyst
    Alvaro Ramirez Fernandez
    Investor Relations Leader