About us

We are the culmination of a strategic merger between two distinguished entities in the real estate and construction sectors: Century Homebuilders, a renowned leader with a proven track record of over thirty years specializing in residential and commercial developments within the vibrant South Florida real estate market, and Conconcreto, a highly esteemed company with an impressive legacy spanning more than six decades, recognized for its expertise in executing complex infrastructure projects and delivering innovative construction solutions globally.

We have the support in construction and commercial processes of:

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Asset Management

At Century Asset Management, we specialize in the development, structuring and management of real estate projects under two main sectors: Multifamily and Residential for sale, complemented with mixed-use developments that combine commercial and office space. We transform these projects into a profitable and secure investment option for investors seeking to diversify their portfolios with high returns.

Investment Comitte

  • Nicolás Jaramillo

  • Juan Luis Aristizábal

  • Juan Sebastian Betancur

  • Candelaria Rodriguez



  • David Alzate

  • Stefany Niño

  • Eiliana Roa