Interested in investing in the United States? This is what you should know

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Through Century Asset Management, a real estate investment company specializing in investing in the United States, Colombians have attractive, profitable, and safe investment options.

The fall in the price of the dollar registered in recent months translates into a good opportunity to invest in the United States. But what type of investment is the most attractive? Although there is a wide portfolio, experts are always inclined to recommend the acquisition of real estate.

In the United States housing market there is a clear trend towards the option of renting a home in the main cities, since the high interest rates maintained by the central bank to control inflation have reduced the ability to buy one’s own home.

For Álvaro José Ramírez, investor relations manager of Century Asset Management, a real estate investment management company in the United States, there are several key factors when making the decision to invest, among them: location and type of property.

According to the expert, since the pandemic, South Florida has become one of the sectors with the highest demand for housing, with a year-on-year growth projection between 3.5 and 4 percent.

Taking this into account, and added to the fundamentals of the residential rental market in South Florida, multifamily rental or multifamily (as it is known in the United States), has established itself as an asset class to be considered within everything Investment portfolio. As for homes for sale, the periphery of the main cities is recommended, because it is a sector with high appreciation potential.

This is the market niche in which Century Asset Management works

Which has the support of Conconcreto and Century Homebuilders, its founding partners, and which offers Colombians the opportunity to access exclusive assets with a minimum investment accessible through investment funds that raise the capital necessary to finance the development of projects in South Florida.

According to the manager, investment funds seek to make this type of opportunities affordable for a larger part of the pyramid of the Colombian population. At Century Asset Management they hope to be much more competitive and offer increasingly affordable minimum investment tickets thanks to the economy of scale that they achieve through their operational structure

Currently, Century Asset Management, with its main office in Miami, and presence in Bogotá and Medellín, has just closed the capital raising of its first residential development fund for sale, Oasis Fund (6 million dollars) and is close to closing his first multifamily fund, Century Real Estate Fund ($50 million and minimum investment ticket of $100,000); In the coming months they will launch new funds, one to develop multifamily projects in Coral Gables and a series of club deals for residential projects in Homestead.

“The invitation to the Colombian investor is to consider investment funds as a profitable and safe alternative within the diversification of their investment opportunities, since they represent a refuge for currency, type of asset and geographical location, leveraged by experience and the negotiation capacity of our team,” concluded Ramírez.


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